1. How much does it cost to catch a cheater?

The cost varies based on the case. The more information you can provide, the more efficient the investigation will be. We work closely with our clients to be as efficient and productive as possible to get the evidence they need.

2. How long does it take to catch a cheater?

This also varies based on so many things. How often we do surveillance, how much equipment we use (GPS trackers, covert cameras etc.) and most importantly how often the subject is cheating if at all. Like the cost question, we work closely with our clients to ensure we are efficient and effective with our efforts to keep costs down.

3. Can I tap my phone?

The simple answer is NO! There are many Apps out today that allow for the recording of conversations. It is important to remember that you are ONLY allowed to record your own conversation, but NEVER allowed to record others or any conversation deemed “Private”.

4. Can we use GPS trackers?

Many people have gotten themselves into trouble with this one. GPS trackers are readily available, but few understand the law when it comes to their use. As Private Investigators, we use GPS trackers regularly to track vehicles, but we do require that our clients are the owner of record of the vehicle in question and we require a copy of the vehicles title for our records.

5. Can we use covert cameras?

Yes, but with restrictions. Any covert camera placed cannot be in a bathroom and at no time can it record audio. Like GPS, placing a covert camera requires that our client lives in the home where the camera is to be placed.

6. Can I assist in the investigation?

Due to the high emotions of Domestic Investigations, we DO NOT allow our clients to assist in Investigations. We also DO NOT provide real time updates of findings as this can lead to dangerous situations.